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K/S Strømmen, Aalborg - now K Partners Strømmen, Aalborg K/S

The real estate fund K/S Strømmen, Aalborg owns a multi-tenant office building in the northern part of Denmark, close to Aalborg. 

As per 1 September 2022, a group of new investors have replaced Sampension as main shareholder. 

Main tenant is RTX (design, development, and production of wireless communication solutions). A number of small tenants share facilities in the Office Hotel.


Closed. In operation.



AdresskvmAcquisition dateDisposal dateIRR
RTX Business ParkStrømmen 6, Aalborg15.1852016> 22% (31.12.2020)

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Fund Manager
Anne Marie Sørensen

+45 96 31 62 70
M: +45 40 17 38 68