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K Partners III

In 2008, K Partners III was established with the aim of investing in German high street retail properties.

The fund – which originally held an equity of DKK 225m – was owned by professional as well as private investors.

In 2916, the fund disposed of 15 of its 17 properties to Swiss-based Corestate at a price well over book value.


Winding up.



CityAcquisition dateDisposal date
City-Immobilien IVPforzheim20092022
City-Immobilien IOldenburg20072020
K/S GronerstrasseGöttingen20132019
City-Immobilien IIDelmenhorst20102016
City-Immobilien IINeumünster20102016
City-Immobilien IVLemgo20102016
City-Immobilien VSchwandorf20102016
City-Immobilien VStraubing20102016
City-Immobilien IIErfurt20092016
City-Immobilien IIIOldenburg20092016
City-Immobilien IIGeorgsmarienhütte20082016
City-Immobilien IIIAschaffenburg20082016
City-Immobilien IBad Oeynhausen20072016
City-Immobilien IHagen20072016
City-Immobilien IHerne20072016
City-Immobilien ILimburg20072016
City-Immobilien ILudwigsburg20072016
City-Immobilien IWaltrop20072016
K/S HannoverHannover20072012

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