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Investment Management

Investment Management - Kristensen Properties

Investment Management

Investment Management comprises the overall, strategic management including risk and portfolio management of the companies submitted to the AIFM regulations. Each individual company (AIF) has an assigned, dedicated fund manager.

Main focus of the overall, strategic management is on acquisitions, development and disposal of real estate as well as on funding.

A substantial part of the tasks regarding Investment Management are delegated to specialized internal divisions.

Fund Management

Kristensen Properties offers responsible management, which includes communication with the investment company, the Board, financial institutions, accounting, preparation of budgets and annual reports (including tax and VAT accounts), arranging and maintaining of financing, as well as managing of cash flows.  

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Asset Management

Asset Management comprises the services Property Management, Facility Management, and Property Development. In agreement with the owner a business plan is prepared describing a defined strategy to be monitored and followed.

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Properties are being acquired in accordance with purchase criteria, such as type of property, location, and tenant mix. Each potential property will go through a due diligence, part of which is the preparation of calculations on the investment possibility.


A specific investment strategy is prepared for each acquired investment properties in the real estate portfolio. Kristensen Properties also prepares individual exit strategy plans, adjusted to present market conditions.


Funding services comprise financing, refinancing, and prolongation of loans. We are responsible for contact to and negotiations with banks – domestic or foreign Further, specific and adequate reporting is prepared and presented to the owners and lenders. 


Recovery services comprise all tasks relating to the reconstruction of real estate investments and may be initiated by the owners or by the lenders. Based on an analysis an individual business plan as prepared to decide whether a continued operation is feasible or if a wind-down would be the best solution.